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”Our website is a THOUSAND TIMES better than it used to be!”

John Keegan - Director B & J Metals - Kendal

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Yes, all business websites should be properly set up for the search engines to target more enquiries and leads.

Do you give a guarantee for page 1 Google results?

Yes, we generally advise 4 to 6 months to get some of your key words ranking on page one of Google results. We guarantee to get at least 5 of your key word searches to page 1 Google or we will work for free.   

Should I have video on my website?

Online video helps build trust, allowing your customers to get to know and like you. Establishing a relationship before they do business with you. Building credibility and encouraging them to get in touch with you.  

Do we work for our client’s competitors?

We will only work to get a maximum of three businesses in each business sector or niche, to Google page 1. This avoids any conflicts of interest.   

Do you use legitimate SEO practices?

Yes, we only carry out SEO designed to achieve Google results using legitimate practices. With tactics that meet Google’s operating requirements.

Why do I need ongoing SEO?

Key reasons:

I need a new website, can you build one from scratch?

Yes, we can build a new website for you from the ground up.

We’ll talk to you about your business, carry out key word research and build your website.

After 3 months (allowing Google time to stabilise search results) we’ll start to monitor search engine ranking on each of your key words and report to you regularly on progress.

Why do you need my website login details?

We need to access the back end of your website to make sure each page is set up correctly so that it can be seen by Google.

There are a number items that need to be set up properly to give you the best chance of being ranked well in Google.

Why should I choose Webittz™?

Website quality, easy navigation and Google page rank, will put your business way ahead of your competition. Bringing you many new enquiries and leads.  

What’s it like working with Webittz™?  

Key process:

Should I target niche markets?

Yes, for example, let’s say you are a plumber and can carry out any type of domestic or industrial work. Creating a page on your website targeting domestic bathroom installation talks directly to that niche customer.

When that customer lands on your niche page they feel you are talking directly to them, providing exactly what they are looking for. This means that they are much more likely to get in touch and become a new customer.